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Fake rock pillars provide a beautiful and affordable means of adding the look of traditional stonework to your designs. Whether inside or out, the Random Rock style provides an attractive, classic appeal that will definitely impress.

Everything for the look and texture to the coloring evokes a sense of realism that will have people convinced your columns are expensive masonry. the level of detail in the texture comes from using molds taken of real random rock designs and then replicating that look with polyurethane foam. This high density, closed cell material recreates every bump, divot and nook found in the real thing.

The pillars are designed to be extremely DIY friendly and maintenance free. Weighing a fraction of real rock, there's no need to hire a mason to install them. They're also highly durable and resistant to fading, cracking, chipping, pests, weather and general deterioration. Even after years outdoors, your pillars will still look like new.

Following proper guidelines, installation can be completed in a a fraction of the time needed for the real thing and without needing a build team, specialized tools or messy mortar. This means a quicker turnaround time for a business remodel or a more efficient use of time during a weekend DIY project. All you need is glue, screws and some common tools your probably already own.

Random Rock fake rock pillars are a great finishing touch to numerous designs. Enhance curb appeal, impress passerby and give your home or business the great look it deserves. We're certain you won't be disappointed by how amazing your design plans end up.