Mar 042016
A Super Stylish Basement Column Idea

For a lot of people, columns are an ‘outside’ thing – but these photos from customer Shaun Stephens demonstrate that they can look super stylish inside as well. Shaun Stephens recently sent us pictures of his finished basement; its most stylish feature being Colorado Stacked Stone column wraps from the Norwich line. He chose them to surround the […]

Sep 252015
Gadget Friendly Gateposts

Faux columns are a popular choice to serve as gateposts and entrance ways. Given their versatility, here are some high-tech additions you could include during installation. Whether you’re shopping here, or visiting our sister sites at or, one thing that will rapidly become apparently to you is that ‘going faux’ has some significant advantages. […]

Sep 042015
Impressive Driveway Entry Columns: Faux Stone Style

Stone-style driveway entry columns can make a standout first impression. One of the most popular uses for our faux columns is in the driveway. They’re a great option for adding impressive stone-style columns, gateposts and fenceposts without having to buy and build with real brick or stone. You can slide them over and attach them to […]

Aug 142015
How Do You Install Fake Columns and Wraps?

Our fake columns look like the real thing – but how do they work? One question we’re frequently asked about our fake columns is: How do you install them? The answer depends on the specific type of column you purchase – and we have detailed installation instructions for all of them on our website. But some aspects are […]

Jul 312015
Craftsman Style Home Accents with Faux Columns

Get an iconic Americana look without the heavy cost of masonry. The “American Craftsman” period of home design is one of the most iconic in American architectural history. From the late 19th century through to about 1930, middle class homeowners across the nation adopted a style of home design that focused on handicraft, the use of […]

Jul 172015
Giddy up! Incredible Horse Jump Designs with Faux Columns

World-class equestrian sports rely on! Faux columns were originally envisioned to bring the look of authentic stone and brick to houses, without the cost. But like all great products, people outside of that sphere have spotted their advantages, and are quick to create new uses for our products. One particually exciting application is in […]

Jun 122015
Imitation Stone Columns - Better Than the Real Thing!

Stone columns look fantastic – but ‘going faux’ and using imitation stone columns can offer design advantages even the real things can’t! There are a lot of reasons to choose faux over the real thing. One major benefit is cost – our high density polyurethene columns are a fraction of the cost of real stone or brick. A second […]

May 292015
Faux Decorative Columns: Top 5 FAQs

Before purchasing, our customers always tend to have a number of questions about faux decorative columns.  They want to make sure the decision they make is the right one for their property, and that they’ll be staying within their budget while getting a valuable product.  Below, you’ll see the top five questions our customers ask. […]

May 152015
7 Ways to Enhance Poolside Decor

Enhancing your poolside decor is a great way to make a nice backyard environment for entertainment, dining, playing, and sun bathing.  It’s easy to add simple touches to make your experience at poolside enjoyable.  With just a little planning, you’ll be able to turn your pool deck into a comfortable extension of your home.  Before […]

May 012015
6 Garden Décor Ideas For Spring

While you’re planting your garden this spring, you may want to think about some decorative elements that could be added to enhance its look; elements that personalize your garden and reflect your individuality. Below are six great garden decor ideas to get you started: Wind Chimes Wind chimes come in all kinds of sizes, shapes […]