Sep 252015

Faux columns are a popular choice to serve as gateposts and entrance ways. Given their versatility, here are some high-tech additions you could include during installation.

Whether you’re shopping here, or visiting our sister sites at or, one thing that will rapidly become apparently to you is that ‘going faux’ has some significant advantages.

Faux stone gatepost with hollow interior to accommodate an intercom.

Adding an intercom is much easier with our faux stone gateposts.

Our stone or brick veneer products are vividly realistic – so much so that it’s almost impossible to tell them from the real thing except by touch. And that realism is paired with unbelievable cost savings – the columns cost a fraction of what real stone or brick would. In addition, they boast seamless ease-of-installation – installing one takes just hours, as opposed to days of brick or masonary work.

This is why they’re a great choice for a driveway entrance, or as a gatepost. You can get an impressive country-club style driveway for a fraction of the price of a ‘real’ stone entrance.

But there are additional benefits beyond that.

For a start, the columns are hollow on the inside. That means there’s a lot of space to add hardware and gadgets that you simply wouldn’t be able to in a solid stone column. Secondly, they’re made from high density polyurethane foam; which can be cut with a regular wood saw or drill. As a result, it’s easy to install switches, buttons and panels.

As a result, you can seamlessly install a variety of tools to add a whole new level of practicality to your entrance.

Gateposts are the application that lend themselves best to this. The columns make great supports for wrought iron or aluminium gates; and inside them you can install automatic openers, or a wireless or wired intercom system.

The wires connecting these gadgets are completely hidden within the post; and if anything goes wrong with them they’re easily accessible for repair. Not only that – unlike with traditional stone columns, upgrading the equipment is much easier.

Given how many new and clever tools there are out there, this kind of versatility is a great selling point – and another reason why ‘going faux’ is often an improvement over the genuine article.


Sep 042015

Stone-style driveway entry columns can make a standout first impression.

Stone style driveway entry columns attached to a wooden fence

Faux stone driveway entry columns offer versatility and practicality

One of the most popular uses for our faux columns is in the driveway. They’re a great option for adding impressive stone-style columns, gateposts and fenceposts without having to buy and build with real brick or stone. You can slide them over and attach them to wooden posts in the ground; and once installed it’s practically impossible to tell that the columns are not the real thing.

And, in some respects, they’re actually better than the real thing. For a start, they’re cheaper and easier to install. A row of these columns can be purchased for a fraction of the price of real stone; and they will take just hours to install, instead of days.

Wrought iron driveway gate flanked by two faux stone columns.

Thanks to the ease of installation, these wrought iron gates are incredibly sturdy; even though the columns at either end are faux!

And, in addition, there are a lot of cool things you can do with them that you can’t do with real stone.

In terms of a driveway, for example, you can use the hollow space inside the posts to install automatic gate openers, intercoms, cameras or more.

We also offer styles that feature built-in mailboxes, which are another popular addition to the driveway.

The columns are also great for use on fences, because you can cut them to attach fencing in a variety of different ways.

Fencing can be installed seamlessly, whether it's wooden or metal.

The columns can be installed seamlessly on fencing, whether it’s wooden or metal.

Made from high density polyurethane foam, the material can be cut with a regular wood saw and altered to perfectly align with wooden or metal fencing.

The best part about working for is discovering all the amazing things customers do with our products – we’re still learning what can be done with them! Lightweight and versatile, the columns are great tools for imaginative people; and we’re always blown away with how they’re used in new and innovative ways.

Jul 312015

Get an iconic Americana look without the heavy cost of masonry.

Craftsman style porch with Ashford faux River Rock columns.

Craftsman style porch with Ashford River Rock columns in Calico

The “American Craftsman” period of home design is one of the most iconic in American architectural history. From the late 19th century through to about 1930, middle class homeowners across the nation adopted a style of home design that focused on handicraft, the use of local materials and a focus on elegance through simplicity.

The result is the ‘Craftsman’ style home – each one unique, but sharing design details that make them one of the most sought-after and copied styles of home in the world.

Today, with the explosion of modular home technology and cookie-cutter building techniques, our homes are less ‘craftsman’ style than ever – but a lot of homeowners are deciding to make their houses stand out by adding craftsman style touches to them. Our faux columns are a fantastic tool to do this – as they can provide the materials for craftsman-style columns and posts, but cost a fraction of what real stone or brick would.

Before and after photo of home garage with stacked stone pillars installed.

This driveway got a nice design upgrade with stacked stone pillars added to the garage overhang.

In a real craftsman home, columns and posts are structural, and laid by hand with real stone and brick.

Ours are installed directly onto a wooden frame, and provide the look and texture of real stone or brick, but without the masonary or material costs.

In fact, even an amateur designer can create amazing looking columns using these products, using just regular tools like a wood saw, and equipped with only basic carpentry skills.

Exterior shot of home remodeled with faux stone columns and panels.

Pair our columns with faux panels for a complete home transformation

And, because the columns are painstakingly molded from real brick and stone, the end results are practically indistinguishable from the authentic article.

Take a look in our gallery here for more pictures of homes given the ‘craftsman’ style look with faux columns.

Jun 122015

Stone columns look fantastic – but ‘going faux’ and using imitation stone columns can offer design advantages even the real things can’t!

Twin half columns made from polyurethane stone flank the entrance of an outdoor patio.

Our faux columns make it easy to add hidden speakers, and run hidden wiring.

There are a lot of reasons to choose faux over the real thing. One major benefit is cost – our high density polyurethene columns are a fraction of the cost of real stone or brick. A second is practicality – you can install one of these columns in a matter of hours, instead of the days it would take to lay real brick, mortar and stone.

But in addition to those benefits, there are design options available that just don’t exist with the real thing. This is because of the hollow space inside the column itself.

This space gives you countless options for running electrics, plumbing and other gear inside – to add recessed lighting, speakers or water features. Electrical outlets are a common favorite, as access to power in the garden or yard can be annoying and impractical, and faux columns enable you to seamlessly provide an outlet without having to run an unsightly extension cord.

Recessed speakers and lights are also popular. Because the columns are made from high density molded polyurethene foam, it’s easy to cut holes for speakers or lights, and that gives endless possibilities.

And the best part? Even with additional electrical or mechanical enhancements, faux columns still look just as good as the real thing. Short of actually reaching out and touching them, it’s impossible to tell they’re not real stone or brick; and at the end of the day that means they’re practically better than the real thing.


May 292015

Before purchasing, our customers always tend to have a number of questions about faux decorative columns.  They want to make sure the decision they make is the right one for their property, and that they’ll be staying within their budget while getting a valuable product.  Below, you’ll see the top five questions our customers ask.

1. What are the columns made of?

Most of the columns are made of high density polyurethane. This is a safe, lightweight and reliable material known for its extreme durability, environmental friendliness, and budget-friendly cost.  Columns from the Ashford line are made out of medium density polyethylene (MDPE), which is another very durable, lightweight material.

Ashford Ledgestone Polyethylene Columns

Polyethylene: Ashford Ledgestone

Wellington Drystack Polyurethane Columns are eye-catching porch accents

Polyurethane: Wellington Drystack

2. Are they easy to install?

Yes! All you have to do is follow the simple installation directions.  If you don’t wish to install them on your own, any carpenter in the phone book will be able to install the columns easily.

Installing faux columns is as easy as fitting the wraps around a post.

Installing faux columns is a breeze.

3. Where can they be used?

Our columns can be used anywhere you’d like the look of brick or stone.  They are a great design complement for any residential or commercial application, indoors and out.  Use them as driveway columns, fence posts, on your porch or deck, in your retail store, and more.

Faux decorative columns are great as driveway accents.

Faux decorative columns looking stunning on the driveway

Fake stone columns make wonderful deck accents.

The columns accent this home deck beautifully

Our Windsor columns are  perfect as mailbox posts.

Windsor mailbox post in Kentucky Gray

Our Wellington faux decorative columns enhance retail store design beautifully.

Wellington Drystack columns add rugged style to the Peter Glenn store.

4. How long do they last?

A very long time.  In fact,™ guarantees that all columns will effectively withstand normal outdoor conditions for fifteen years.  The material will not crack, peel, split, or rot.  All of the products are also treated with a coating of U.V.-resistant finish that will slow down fading from sun exposure.  (Like anything left in the sun, however, some slight fading could occur over time.™ does not warranty against fading from the sun.  For more information, please see our Warranty page.)

The columns are also waterproof, specially made to resist moisture.  They’re great for all climates.

5. What do customers say?

Our customers love how the columns add to the décor of their properties, indoors and out.  Here are a few of the most recent testimonials:

I just wanted to share the before and after pictures of our home after using your products. We can’t believe the difference it has made, we are so happy with it. We have received so many compliments. Most people don’t even know that it isn’t real stone. Great job and a great product!
–Thomas P., Brockway, PA

We used your product to cheer up our hair salon, we are nestled in the Canadian Rockies and your faux stacked panels and columns fits in beautiful with our rocky surroundings! We used the door trim on the corners and really love the contrast it created. -Elli’s Hair West, Canmore, Canada

Hair salon remodeled with faux stone decorative columns

As with anything, we were concerned ordering off the internet without seeing the product. But we wanted a unique look for our house that we are building ourselves. Our friends think we installed stone on our columns! Love the look and it was easy to install. –Sami Jo, Texas

Sami Jo's home interior is revitalized with Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone column.

Sami Jo’s home interior is revitalized with a Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone column

Want to know more? Find answers to other questions about Faux Columns™ at our FAQ page.




May 152015

Enhancing your poolside decor is a great way to make a nice backyard environment for entertainment, dining, playing, and sun bathing.  It’s easy to add simple touches to make your experience at poolside enjoyable.  With just a little planning, you’ll be able to turn your pool deck into a comfortable extension of your home.  Before you know it, you’ll have a warm and inviting place to relax and have fun with friends.

Poolside decor can be enhanced easily, and just in time for summer.

Poolside decor can be enhanced easily, and just in time for summer.

Below are seven ideas to create a lively and enjoyable setting.

1. You can start by adding decorative interest to your pool deck by installing a border, also called a pool coping, in a vibrant color and contrasting pattern.  Some attractive styles include concrete tiling, limestone, hand-scored concrete, broom-finished concrete, and limestone.

Pool coping can serve to create an attractive borderline.

Pool coping can serve to create an attractive borderline.

2. Decorate the area by placing plants and flowers in colorful pots in different areas around the pool deck, such as around seating areas, along the fence or poolside.  Add visual appeal by using plants with varied colors and textures.  Plants are great, too, because they can also create privacy by adding height and blocking out unwanted views.

Enhancing poolside decor is easily done by putting down flowers in planters.

Enhancing poolside decor is easily done by putting down flowers in planters.

3. Bring evening lighting to the pool by hanging string lights along the fence.  You can also place tiki torches around the perimeter for a more tropical look. For added effect, you can also place lighting in surrounding bushes and trees.

Add poolside lighting by placing string lights in bushes and plants.

Add poolside lighting by placing string lights in bushes and plants.

4. A unique way of adding appeal and character to your pool area is by hanging metal art on the back side of the house that faces the pool.  You can also add sculptures of different sizes in various places to create a more complete look.

Unique metal art adds character and sophistication to poolside decor.

Unique metal art adds character and sophistication to poolside decor.

5. Another good idea is to add a terrace, creating separated areas for relaxing and recreation.

Adding a terrace to your pool deck instantly brings charm and grace to the area.

Adding a terrace to your pool deck instantly brings charm and grace to the area.

6. Architectural elements that can enhance the look of the terrace include pillars, a trellis, and column wraps.  In particular, faux stone column wraps, with their meticulous imitation of real stone, give terrace pillars an eye-catching and impressive look.  They’re easy to install, too.  The result is an elegant new look that will lend an exquisite touch to your pool area.

Decorative elements such as faux stone column wraps elevate the appeal of poolside terraces.

Decorative elements such as faux stone column wraps elevate the appeal of poolside terraces.

7. Another decorative element you can’t forget is landscaping.  Beautiful landscaping will soften the edges of the pool deck, and provide an organic look.  Having a nicely mowed lawn and manicured bushes also provide a lovely backdrop.

Attractive landscaping  is another great way to ensure a comfortable poolside area.

Attractive landscaping is another great way to ensure a comfortable poolside area.

These are just some examples of ways you can upgrade the look of your own pool area.  Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us?  Let us know!

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May 012015

While you’re planting your garden this spring, you may want to think about some decorative elements that could be added to enhance its look; elements that personalize your garden and reflect your individuality. Below are six great garden decor ideas to get you started:

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors.  One popular type that’s easy to hang from a branch is a metal coil wind chime.  These kinds of chime designs are simple, yet unique.  Many have a colorful glass design inside the coil, with the actual chimes hanging from the bottom of the coil.  Also called wind spinner chimes, these designs are eye-catching, as they twirl in the wind while the chime sings.  Wind chimes look great among your flowers and trees, adding color and visual interest to your garden year round.

Wind chimes are a great way to add a personal touch to your garden design.

Wind chimes can add a personal touch to your garden design.

Garden Trellis

Transforming your garden into a charming sanctuary can be done easily with a trellis.  These decorative elements are typically a wooden frame of latticework that plants can grow through.  They can be splendid for your clematis or climbing roses.  They add not only visual appeal, but are also a wonderful accompaniment to outdoor living spaces.

Adding a trellis to your garden is a great way to bring charm to your yard.

Adding a trellis to your garden is a great way to bring charm to your yard.


Introducing flowing water to a garden is always an excellent way to bring vivacity to the overall design, particularly with fountains. Water fountains can be large or small, and take on a variety of interesting designs.  They can be placed inside the garden or accent an entrance or perimeter.

Water fountains make your garden a peaceful place to be.

Water fountains can add peace and tranquility to a garden

Garden Statues

Garden sculptures and statues always give gardens unique charm.  They are a wonderful way to add more cheer to vegetable patches and flowerbeds, or lend playfulness to a corner of your yard.  Common statues are angels, leprechauns and gnomes.  Some garden statues even double as stools or birdfeeders.

A statue always adds a whimsical feel to your garden.

A statue always adds a whimsical feel to your garden.

Bird Feeder

Bird feeders not only add beauty on their own, but they also attract birds of many kinds – bringing life to your garden with visits from humming birds and cardinals to warblers, sparrows or orioles. Types of feeders range from tables, trays and hanging tree feeders.  Successful bird attraction usually depends upon where the feeders are placed, as well as the kinds of foods you offer, because every species has a different preference.

Bird feeders are always a nice touch for your garden decor.

Bird feeders are always a nice touch for your garden decor.

Faux Stone Columns

Faux columns are a wonderful way to add elegance to your garden, with style variations including brick, cobblestone, river rock, castle rock, stacked stone and more.  Their wide range of attractive color choices also enable you to match the natural colors of the plants and stones in your garden.  The result is a lovely addition to your yard that showcases your garden and adds a wonderful look.  Some column styles can even be stacked to your desired height, so you can create the garden design of your dreams.

Garden decor ideas such as using a faux stone column enhance visual appeal.

Garden decor ideas such as using a faux stone column enhance visual appeal.

Artificial stone columns are a lovely addition to gardens.

The Windsor Random Rock column makes a lovely addition to this garden

Fake stone columns add style to any garden design.

Windsor Slatestone column with cap

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Apr 162015

Easy to install, Windsor polyurethane foam columns can be used in a wide variety of ways to upgrade your property.  The Windsor line features one-piece post covers, column wraps and mailboxes.  Each will suit any exterior design beautifully.  The three styles of drystack, random rock and slatestone each come in attractive, earthy color choices that transform the visual appeal of any property.

Polyurethane foam columns make great mailboxes.

Easy to install, polyurethane foam columns make great mailboxes.

The mailbox also makes for an impressive accent to your home’s property.  In addition to its practicality and eye-catching look of genuine stone, it’s very durable. The wraps also make a very stylish design statement thanks to their realistic imitation of real stone. You can use them to decorate posts on your porch, patio, entrance way, deck and more.

Use polyurethane foam columns to enhance your home's interior.

Use polyurethane columns to enhance your home’s interior.

The ultra-realistic appearance of our columns is achieved by molding the material from real stone and rock. As genuine as they look, they’re extremely lightweight and can be assembled by any DIYer.  They are so easy to install, they can be up in an afternoon. Made of high-density polyurethane, they are carefully built to withstand weather extremes such as snow, rain, moisture, heat and more.  They also will never fade or deteriorate over time.  Years will go by and they will look as good as new.

Polyurethane foam columns withstand even the harshest weather.

The columns are made to withstand even the harshest weather.

The video below shows step-by-step instructions on how to install the Windsor Mailbox Column.  You’ll see how simple the installation process is.  The DIYer in the video assembled his mailbox in just one hour and 20 minutes.

If you’d like to see more impressive images of our columns, be sure to check out our Windsor photo gallery.

Apr 032015

Many customers are extremely satisfied with how easy it is to install our columns.  Using just some simple tools, they are able to get them up in no time at all.  Below, we’ll show you how to install a faux stacked stone column wrap over an existing support post.

Installing a faux stacked stone column wrap is easy.

Installing a faux stacked stone column wrap over an existing support post is easy.

Before we begin, here is the list of simple tools you’ll need:

  1. Exterior Grade Screws — use screws that are long enough to go through the column. We

recommend a narrow head screw (such as a #1 Roberson head trim head screw) to make touchup

easier and less noticeable.

  1. Construction Adhesive/Glue — we recommend either PL® Premium Construction Adhesive, PL®

Premium Advanced 8X Construction Adhesive (which has 4X faster bonding), or Great Stuff Pro.

  1. A saw for cutting columns – a circular saw, jig saw, band saw, table saw, or hand saw, it is your

preference.  Any woodcutting blade used with these saws work great and cut smooth and easy.

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Level
  3. Caulking gun for applying the Adhesive/Glue and Caulk.
  4. FauxColumns color coordinated textured caulk.
  5. 2″ x 4″ lumber as needed
  6. Exterior grade plywood as needed

Installation Instructions:

Make sure the column wrap is clean before you being installation.

  1. Be sure that the columns, the column cap and posts are clean and dry before you begin. Approximately 24 hours before the installation, expose the post, the column wrap, the lumber and the plywood to the same general humidity and temperature. Make sure not to expose any of these materials to direct sunlight, or in close proximity to heat.

Construct a sub frame for your faux stacked stone column wrap next.

  1. To get a secure and sturdy base for the column wraps, you’ll want to construct a sub frame. Make sure that this sub frame, along with the plywood, fits within the wrap’s dimensions.  To maintain a steady, upright connection to the existing wood post, this frame needs to be securely centered on the support post.

Apply the exterior grade plywood to the wood sub frame.

  1. Next, apply the plywood to the wood sub frame. This will serve as the surface that you’ll attach the column wraps to.  For proper sizing, make sure to dry fit the wraps to the structure.

Hint: leave a little extra room for the thickness that will be added by the glue that’s between the plywood and the column wraps.

Apply a bead of glue to the perimeter of one of the column wrap pieces.

  1. On the back of one of the wrap panels, apply small beads of adhesive along the perimeter, about one inch from the edge. Then, in a zigzagging pattern, apply a little more adhesive to the back of the panel.  Make sure the beads of adhesive are no more than 4 inches apart.  Add a little bit of glue inside the fingers of the panel, which interlock.  Then apply a little bit of the textured caulk along the edges of the interlocking fingers, where they’ll join with the next section of the column wrap.

Apply the wrap panel to the plywood.

  1. Apply the column wrap to your exterior grade plywood. Gently press and twist the wrap panel onto the plywood, to ensure secure contact with the adhesive.  The PL® Premium Advanced 8X Construction Adhesive will help to keep the wrap panels in place on the plywood, giving you some time to get the other ones up.

Fit the interlocking fingers together.

  1. Repeat step 4 and 5 for every other section of the wrap. Be sure that the fingers securely interlock.

Make sure the wrap is level and the fingers fit together nicely.

  1. Make sure the interlocking fingers of the panels all fit together securely, and that the column wraps are level. Begin to fasten the wraps to the plywood all along the perimeter with screws, spacing them at approximately a foot apart.  In the middle sections of each panel, place additional screws about 1 per square foot apart.  It’s best if every screw is slightly recessed below the surface of the panels.  Make sure not to tighten the screws more than needed.Hint: Concealing screws in crevices, beneath protruding rocks, or grout lines will help to give the column panels a cleaner, more realistic look.

Wipe off excess caulk with a damp rag before it dries.

  1. Before the caulk dries, use a damp rag to wipe off any excess caulk that might have been pushed out between the two wrap panels. You can also use the textured caulk to hide the screw heads.

Stacked stone column wraps installed on a front porch.

  1. If you are installing multiple rows of columns, you can now start the next row up. Repeat steps 4-8 for the next row of column wraps to be installed.

The cut out in each of the two cap halves allow them to sit around an existing support post.

  1. A “Two-Piece” Column Cap is featured with Norwich columns. This cap comes as two diagonal halves, which are split through the center, so as to help hide the seam.  The cut out parts in the halves of each cap allow them to be placed around existing support posts.  PLEASE NOTE: depending on the post size, additional cutting or shimming and caulking may be required.  The opening in the cap center is 6″ X 6″.  Proceed to Step 12.

If using a solid cap, no opening/no post, just proceed to Step 12.

  1. If you’re using a solid cap with no opening or post, continue to Step 12.

Apply glue to the tops of the column wrap sections and to the wood sub-structure to secure the column cap in place.

  1. To secure the column cap in place, apply adhesive to the top sections of the column wraps and to the wood sub frame. Set the cap in place, pressing down firmly. If using the two piece cap, glue the two halves together around the existing post. Then follow up with screws to hold the cap piece to the panels and sub-structure (toe-nailing through the bottom on a diagonal).

  1. Lastly, using the paint from the Touch-up Kit, paint the wraps, screw heads, and textured caulk as needed. Click here for more details on Touching Up Panels. Stand back and admire your handiwork. (In this project shown, additional wood was added to the structural support post to create a dramatic tapered look.)

When installing your columns, be sure to follow and obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers.  Always follow any, and all, local, state, and federal building codes.

Always comply with any specified clearances set forth by the manufactures of stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and any other heat sources, as well.

Feb 272015

Square columns made of polyurethane offer an impressive variety of design possibilities for your home.  Easy to install, they make it easy to bring added beauty to support columns and pillars for your home and property.

Polyurethane square columns add the impressive look of stone to a home's entrance.

Square columns make a colorful difference for a home’s entrance

Our Wellington and Carlton lines both have attractive wide styles that will add a new dimension of beauty to your designs.

Wellington Square Columns have wide dimensions for all kinds of projects. Carlton Square Columns can be slid over existing posts easily.

The Wellington wide columns measure 18 ½” on each side, and look great indoors and out.  The four sections interlock, and allow for easy assembly for your next DIY project.

Wellington square columns with the look of real dry stack stone.

Wellington square columns have the stunning look of real dry stack stone

The Carlton columns measure 20” on each side.  Shipped as one piece, they are easy to slide over existing wood pillars or posts.

Cobblestone style columns make great accent pieces.

Carlton columns in the cobblestone style make great accent pieces.

Carlton brick style column with base and column cap.

Carlton brick style columns can add visual appeal to driveway entrances

Both column styles are made of highly durable polyurethane foam that is extremely robust, yet lightweight and easy to install.  Crafted from molds made of genuine stone, the wide columns boast the exact texture and appearance as the real thing.

Carlton ledgestone columns installed on a poolside fence.

Carlton ledgestone columns add grandeur to a pool fence

Allowing for a cost-effective and practical remodeling project that resembles the work of a professional stonemason, the columns are an easy way to give your home an aesthetic upgrade you’ll love.  Able to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, they’ll look like new for years to come.

Wellington Dry Stack wraps upgrade the look of supporting porch columns.

Wellington Dry Stack wraps upgrade the look of supporting porch columns

Whether you use them to enhance your home’s front entrance, upgrade a driveway, add visual appeal to a porch or spruce up a property fence, wide columns will make a true difference for your home.

Dry stack columns with lamps attached adorn a patio entrance.

Wellington Dry Stack columns in Quarry Gray adorn a patio entrance

Where can you see columns enhancing your home or property?  We’d love to know!