Sep 042015

Stone-style driveway entry columns can make a standout first impression.

Stone style driveway entry columns attached to a wooden fence

Faux stone driveway entry columns offer versatility and practicality

One of the most popular uses for our faux columns is in the driveway. They’re a great option for adding impressive stone-style columns, gateposts and fenceposts without having to buy and build with real brick or stone. You can slide them over and attach them to wooden posts in the ground; and once installed it’s practically impossible to tell that the columns are not the real thing.

And, in some respects, they’re actually better than the real thing. For a start, they’re cheaper and easier to install. A row of these columns can be purchased for a fraction of the price of real stone; and they will take just hours to install, instead of days.

Wrought iron driveway gate flanked by two faux stone columns.

Thanks to the ease of installation, these wrought iron gates are incredibly sturdy; even though the columns at either end are faux!

And, in addition, there are a lot of cool things you can do with them that you can’t do with real stone.

In terms of a driveway, for example, you can use the hollow space inside the posts to install automatic gate openers, intercoms, cameras or more.

We also offer styles that feature built-in mailboxes, which are another popular addition to the driveway.

The columns are also great for use on fences, because you can cut them to attach fencing in a variety of different ways.

Fencing can be installed seamlessly, whether it's wooden or metal.

The columns can be installed seamlessly on fencing, whether it’s wooden or metal.

Made from high density polyurethane foam, the material can be cut with a regular wood saw and altered to perfectly align with wooden or metal fencing.

The best part about working for is discovering all the amazing things customers do with our products – we’re still learning what can be done with them! Lightweight and versatile, the columns are great tools for imaginative people; and we’re always blown away with how they’re used in new and innovative ways.

Feb 272015

Square columns made of polyurethane offer an impressive variety of design possibilities for your home.  Easy to install, they make it easy to bring added beauty to support columns and pillars for your home and property.

Polyurethane square columns add the impressive look of stone to a home's entrance.

Square columns make a colorful difference for a home’s entrance

Our Wellington and Carlton lines both have attractive wide styles that will add a new dimension of beauty to your designs.

Wellington Square Columns have wide dimensions for all kinds of projects. Carlton Square Columns can be slid over existing posts easily.

The Wellington wide columns measure 18 ½” on each side, and look great indoors and out.  The four sections interlock, and allow for easy assembly for your next DIY project.

Wellington square columns with the look of real dry stack stone.

Wellington square columns have the stunning look of real dry stack stone

The Carlton columns measure 20” on each side.  Shipped as one piece, they are easy to slide over existing wood pillars or posts.

Cobblestone style columns make great accent pieces.

Carlton columns in the cobblestone style make great accent pieces.

Carlton brick style column with base and column cap.

Carlton brick style columns can add visual appeal to driveway entrances

Both column styles are made of highly durable polyurethane foam that is extremely robust, yet lightweight and easy to install.  Crafted from molds made of genuine stone, the wide columns boast the exact texture and appearance as the real thing.

Carlton ledgestone columns installed on a poolside fence.

Carlton ledgestone columns add grandeur to a pool fence

Allowing for a cost-effective and practical remodeling project that resembles the work of a professional stonemason, the columns are an easy way to give your home an aesthetic upgrade you’ll love.  Able to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, they’ll look like new for years to come.

Wellington Dry Stack wraps upgrade the look of supporting porch columns.

Wellington Dry Stack wraps upgrade the look of supporting porch columns

Whether you use them to enhance your home’s front entrance, upgrade a driveway, add visual appeal to a porch or spruce up a property fence, wide columns will make a true difference for your home.

Dry stack columns with lamps attached adorn a patio entrance.

Wellington Dry Stack columns in Quarry Gray adorn a patio entrance

Where can you see columns enhancing your home or property?  We’d love to know!

Jan 162015

Because fencing doesn’t always look attractive on a property all by itself, decorative fence ideas are useful to have.  While fences may set the boundaries of a property and provide security, they can also give potential visitors the impression of being unwelcome or even locked out.  They can also make the residents of the property feel fenced in.  Fences and gates on areas like decks and driveways are also better with a decorative accent.

Decorative fence ideas can be realized with cobblestone columns.

The Carlton Cobblestone columns make beautiful accents for deck fences.

That’s why fences need an extra element that creates a welcoming, hospitable feel.  With faux stone columns, creating that sensation is easy to do.  They are an affordable alternative to columns made of real stone, and have the unmistakable look of real masonry.  The bonus is that faux stone is lightweight and easy to install.  Using them as fence posts, you’ll be able to transform your property in no time.

Decorative fence ideas add charm to your property's fence line.

Ashford River Rock columns add charm to your propert’s fence line.

The columns shown below are the Carlton Cobblestone and Brick styles, as well as a few from our Ashford line.  The Carlton columns are made from high-density polyurethane, and the Ashford columns are made of medium density polyethylene (MDPE).

Decorative fence ideas are great for decks, too.

Carlton Cobblestone columns in Sierra Sand color are fantastic for deck fencing.

Each of the columns are pre-assembled in one piece.  By following the simple instructions we include with the order, you’ll be able to install them easily with a few tools you most likely already own.

Ashford River Rock fake stone columns make great end posts for your property's fence line.

Ashford River Rock fake stone columns make great end posts for your property’s fence line.

Actualize your decorative fence ideas with Ashford Ledgestone faux columns.

Actualize your decorative fence ideas with Ashford Ledgestone faux columns.

Decorative fence ideas add a sophisticated look to entrance gates.

The Ashford River Rock add a sophisticated look to entrance gates.

If you’d like to see more images of how these columns can be used to improve the look of your fences, be sure to take a look at this gallery.

Nov 142014

The new Slate Stone columns by Windsor are an exciting addition to our selection of decorative columns.  With the stylish look of real slate, they give your designs an added flair that is sure to catch the eye of passersby.

For enhanced curb appeal, they are ideal design elements to flank your driveway’s entrance with.  Also use them to decorate your porch design, upgrade your patio, accent your garden, improve your interior spaces, and more.

Made of highly durable polyurethane, they stand up over time to severe weather, and will always look as good as new.  Crafted from molds made of authentic slate, they look and feel just like the real thing.  Outdoors, they resist moisture and harsh temperatures.  Indoors, they withstand wear and tear and high traffic.  With a robust, maintenance-free construction, they’ll never chip, crack, split, or fade.

Their one-piece, lightweight construction also makes them extremely easy to install.  To ensure you get them up quickly, we include an easy installation guide with your order.  In no time, you’ll have an attractive new element elevating the beauty of your design.

Offered in five beautiful colors, you’ll easily find a style that matches your design preferences.

The Brunswick Brown Column is an elegant tone that looks great as a porch column, and will easily improve your property’s visual appeal.

Slate stone columns in Brunswick Brown make attractive porch accents.

Slate stone columns in Brunswick Brown make attractive porch accents.

The Canyon color gives you a flavor of the Southwest, and looks great as a design element on your patio.

Slate stone columns in Canyon finish make relaxing patio accents.

Slate stone columns in Canyon finish add comfort to your patio.

The Midnight Ash color is a sophisticated tone that looks fantastic as a fence column in your yard.

Slate stone columns in Midnight Ash work beautifully as fence columns.

Slate stone columns in Midnight Ash work beautifully as fence columns.

The Slatestone column in the Mojave color is a nice way to touch up the décor of your interior designs, and looks great as a decorative element in entranceways in your home.

Slate stone columns in the Mojave color add a desert feel to your interior decor.

Slate stone columns in the Mojave color create a cozy interior decor.

The Slatestone column in the Pewter color is a great way to touch up your driveway entrance, and will be sure to add considerable appeal and beauty to your property’s exterior.

Slate stone columns in the Pewter color look great at your driveway entrance.

Slate stone columns in the Pewter color look great at your driveway entrance.

Cost-effective and indistinguishable from real stone, the Windsor Slatestone columns offer a fabulous way to help you create truly outstanding designs for your home and your business, indoors and out.

Sep 192014

If you’ve been standing outside in the front of your house or business recently, thinking about the fall season, and ways you can perk up the appearance of your property, you might want to think of how your driveway looks.

DIY driveway makeovers are made easy  with fake stone entrance columns.

Faux stone entrance columns are beautiful design elements for a DIY driveway makeover.

Driveways can frequently be an overlooked part of a property, be it a home or a business.  When you come home after a long day, it’s always nice to finally pull in.  What if there was a DIY driveway accent you could manually install that would make it feel even better to arrive home?  Well, there is!

DIY driveway columns are an easy way to enhance your curb appeal.

Simulated stone entrance columns are an easy way to upgrade your property’s curb appeal.

Our fake stone entrance columns are an excellent way to not only enhance the beauty of your driveway, but also to upgrade the visual appeal of your whole property.  Think of how nice your entrance will look as the leaves change color, and beautiful faux stone or brick columns are accentuating the end of the driveway.  Whether they stand alone as accents, or are attached to a gate, passersby will slow down to admire the impressive upgrade you’ve given to your home or business’s entry.  Guests will feel more welcome, neighbors will be pleased, and you’ll feel more at home.

DIY driveway columns can be used as gate posts.

Easily install faux stone entrance columns as driveway gate posts.

Installing stone and brick veneer driveway columns is a remarkably simple process that can be accomplished in a matter of hours, all on your own.  The Carlton and Windsor columns are all made of lightweight, weatherproof polyurethane that’s extremely durable.  And the Ashford columns are made from a similarly robust Medium Density Polyethylene.  Carefully molded from real stone and brick derived from their natural places of origin, such as the Midwest and Southwest regions of North America, these columns all have a gorgeous look and texture that’s indistinguishable from real stone.

Fake brick columns make an eye-catching DIY driveway makeover.

Faux brick columns are a practical element for your DIY driveway makeover.

Thanks to their maintenance-free quality and highly realistic look, the beauty of your driveway columns and the property they’ll be enhancing won’t fade one bit as the years go by.  Unlike real stone and brick, they’ll never chip, crack, or decay.

Stone veneer columns never fail to accentuate your curb appeal.

Easily accentuate your driveway with stone veneer entrance columns.

Available in a variety of attractive color styles, it will be easy for you to find the columns that fit your preference, and your property.

Take a look at the images in this post to get an idea of the difference columns make when accenting a driveway.  You’ll want that difference for yours!

Simulated stone driveway columns create a stately property entrance.

Create a stately entranceway with our artificial stone entrance columns.

Aug 082014

Decks, for many people, are places where they like to wind down on a warm day or night after work, and spend time outside while feeling the relief of being home.  The kinds of design elements that contribute to the comfort homeowners seek on their decks may be missing when they go out to sit on them, though.  And they may not even know what those elements are.

DIY deck design is a fun project with decorative posts.

Decks look and feel great with faux stone and brick decorative posts.

As you can see in the images above and below, sent to us by our customers, the decorative posts that mimic the look of brick and stone make for a wonderful DIY deck design.  As deck posts, they are fantastic ways to enhance the appeal of your outdoor living area and will deepen the relaxation offered by your backyard living area.

DIY deck design is enhanced with decorative posts.

Achieve the look of professional masonry with simulated brick decorative posts.

Decorative posts are tasteful additions to any DIY deck design.

Fake stone decorative posts enhance the appeal of any deck.

Made of a strong, high-density polyurethane material, they are each crafted from a master mold made of real stone or brick.  As a result, they boast all the visual and textural details of the original stonework.  The beauty of these realistic qualities serves to upgrade the ambience of any deck area.

Their polyurethane makeup also gives them the strength to withstand weather conditions of all kinds.  As years go by, they will look as great as they always did.  Termites and other wood-damaging insects are also repelled by them, which is nice.

In addition to the appeal they add to decks, these posts are very lightweight.  Thanks to this, they are extremely easy to install.  For our customers, they have made for rewarding DIY outdoor remodeling projects.

Because real stone or brick columns are heavy, they require decks to be specially reinforced.  This only means more work and added costs.  Faux columns, on the other hand, are designed to be installed easily in a minimal amount of time, using just a few basic tools.  Their hollowed core allows you to place them over existing wooden support posts.  After you do that, just screw them into place, and you’ll be finished.

Decorative posts add comfort and ambiance to decks.

Decorative posts are an easy, budget-friendly way to upgrade your DIY deck design.

For ideas on how you can use these decorative posts to add to your deck’s appeal, take a look at the photo gallery of our Carlton Columns.


Jul 112014

Why faux pillars work perfectly in the equestrian sport of Show Jumping

First appearing in the Olympic Games in 1900, the equestrian sport known as Show Jumping is now a thriving spectator sport in the United States.  Since gaining in popularity in the United States in 1917, it has come to be as well received as Thoroughbred horse racing.

Building horse jumps is very much of an art.

Horse jumps are works of art on their own, adding to the spectacle of competitions.

In the sport, the jockeys negotiate a circuitous and complex course of horse jumps, where every jump stands on its own as a unique work of art.  The result is nearly always a colorful and impressive course.  For many, the courses themselves are even as much of a spectacle as the competition is.  At big events, in fact, companies sponsor different jumps.

While every jump needs to be created as an individual work of art, they also need to be safe for the horses and their riders.  Additionally, convenience for building horse jumps is something that needs to be taken into account when jumps are built.  For these reasons, faux pillars and columns are gaining favor with show organizers.Faux pillars work perfectly for horse jumps.

Constructed out of highly durable MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene), Ashford columns are perfect for use in horse jump designs.  In addition to possessing the classic look of natural stone, down to the smallest details, the columns possess advantages that real stone columns simply don’t.   Below, we’ll take a look at four advantages in particular the columns offer when used for this purpose.

First Advantage: Lightweight

Between competitions, the course circuits are changed.  Therefore, the jumps need to be moved regularly in order to accommodate each new circuit configuration.  Jumps made of real stone would pose a great inconvenience to the show organizers tasked with moving them.

The light weight of faux stone eliminates this problem.

Second Advantage: Safety

Building horse jumps with faux pillars gives them greater mobility.In competitions, jumps have a solid build, but are designed to break apart if a horse gets caught on one.  That way, the horse is able to save itself from falling.  Jump columns made of real stone, however, could seriously injure a horse and its jockey.

A jump built with faux columns removes this danger.  When struck, they come apart fairly easily.

Third Advantage: Customization

Horse jumps frequently need to be adjusted for varying heights and lengths.  Normally, this is done with the use of brackets built into the sides of the jump posts that the jumping pole can rest on.

With faux columns, the adjustable brackets can be screwed into the sides more easily than onto ones made of real stone.  This feature gives the jump more options for adjustments when it comes to the needs of the horse show.   It also helps it come apart more easily for safety purposes.

Constructed with a material that can be drilled and cut with basic tools, faux stone columns make it easy for designers to customize as they see fit.

Fourth Advantage: WeatherproofHorse jumps made with faux stone pillars are easier to adjust heights with.

With a weatherproof durability, the pillarsare able to stand up to the elements like no traditional construction material can.  With that in mind, they can be used again and again.

Taken together, these benefits demonstrate why more show jumping designers are adopting faux pillars for their own unique uses.  Have you thought of how they can suit unique uses of your own?

May 302014

fence-postMost home fences have a function, whether they demarcate property lines, provide privacy or keep children, pets or animals safe from harm.

But there’s no reason why style has to be sacrificed for function. Faux stone fence columns and posts can add the charming look of real professionally-laid masonry to your fence without wiping out your bank account or valuable time.

The columns shown below are made from medium density polyethylene (MDPE) which is both lightweight and highly resistant to extreme temperatures, sun exposure, moisture and other harsh elements. Molded in one piece, they can easily be installed in one day following our simple step-by-step instructions and a few basic tools. Some of the columns are stackable to reach taller heights, while others can be buried for shorter applications.

Ashford Ledgestone columns in Brown with optional column caps provide a bold touch to this large privacy fence:

ashford-ledgestone-fence-column ashford-ledgestone-privacy-fence

Ashford River Rock posts give a little added charm to this home’s picket fence and driveway gate:

Faux river rock fence posts

Our stone fence columns are beautiful! The shapes and colorations of the stones look and feel like the real thing. No one knows they didn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and install and we have privacy and elegance. Thank you!Eric Greenwich, CT





Ashford River Rock posts in Calico beautifully accent this property’s split rail fence:





Carlton Ledgestone pillars placed in intervals around a wrought iron pool fence blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

To see more examples of faux columns used on fences and many other applications, visit our Pinterest boards.