Apr 162015

Easy to install, Windsor polyurethane foam columns can be used in a wide variety of ways to upgrade your property.  The Windsor line features one-piece post covers, column wraps and mailboxes.  Each will suit any exterior design beautifully.  The three styles of drystack, random rock and slatestone each come in attractive, earthy color choices that transform the visual appeal of any property.

Polyurethane foam columns make great mailboxes.

Easy to install, polyurethane foam columns make great mailboxes.

The mailbox also makes for an impressive accent to your home’s property.  In addition to its practicality and eye-catching look of genuine stone, it’s very durable. The wraps also make a very stylish design statement thanks to their realistic imitation of real stone. You can use them to decorate posts on your porch, patio, entrance way, deck and more.

Use polyurethane foam columns to enhance your home's interior.

Use polyurethane columns to enhance your home’s interior.

The ultra-realistic appearance of our columns is achieved by molding the material from real stone and rock. As genuine as they look, they’re extremely lightweight and can be assembled by any DIYer.  They are so easy to install, they can be up in an afternoon. Made of high-density polyurethane, they are carefully built to withstand weather extremes such as snow, rain, moisture, heat and more.  They also will never fade or deteriorate over time.  Years will go by and they will look as good as new.

Polyurethane foam columns withstand even the harshest weather.

The columns are made to withstand even the harshest weather.

The video below shows step-by-step instructions on how to install the Windsor Mailbox Column.  You’ll see how simple the installation process is.  The DIYer in the video assembled his mailbox in just one hour and 20 minutes.

If you’d like to see more impressive images of our columns, be sure to check out our Windsor photo gallery.

Oct 032014

Many of our customers are so satisfied with the difference faux stone outdoor columns have made for them that they send us Before & After photos of their remodeling projects.  Take a look at their pictures below to get an idea of how faux stone columns can easily upgrade your home or business.

Carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan Column Cover

             Houses like this one always look nicer with faux stone facelifts.     Outdoor Columns in fake cobblestone give a nice upgrade to this house.

 I just wanted to share the before and after pictures of our home after using your products. We can’t believe the difference it has made, we are so happy with it. We have received so many compliments. Most people don’t even know that it isn’t real stone. Great job and a great product! Thanks for all the tech help as well.  – Thomas P. – Brockway, PA

Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Graphite Column

            A porch without decorative columns can look bare and unappealing.     Artificial stacked stone outdoor columns make a huge difference to this porch.

Let us start by saying, we couldn’t be happier with your product and the look that was achieved; just as we imagined it… – Denise C.

Wellington Dry Stack Earth Wide Column

           W porch columns can be upgraded easily with faux stone supports..     Fake dry stack columns enhance the look of these porch pillars.

We endeavored to modify our basic lake house into a craftsman style cottage appearance and the Wellington Dry Stack column wraps helped us move in that direction. My neighbor and my sister were so impressed with the appearance they are in the process of placing orders for use on their homes.  – TennGriff, Middle, TN

Wellington Dry Stack Earth Wide Column

                          Outdoor Columns are a great way to spruce up mailboxes like this one.     The Wellington Dry Stack Earth Wide Column looks great on mailboxes.

Here is the new Mailbox that we just completed yesterday. We used the Wellington Earth Dry Stack Wide Column to make the body of the mailbox. Then we used on of your Wide Column Caps for the top.  – Holly B.

For more photos, please see our Photo Gallery.

Jun 272014

While much of the time we spend decorating the exterior of our homes is focused on how it looks during the daylight hours, it often escapes us that the way it appears in the evening matters just as much.  We can tend to forget that our entryways, gardens, front porches and siding aren’t naturally illuminated at night like they are during the day.

To solve that problem, outdoor lights can illuminate and accent your home’s exterior when it’s dark out.  The result will be an evening ambience for your home that makes you and your guests feel more comfortable and secure, while discouraging prowlers from invading your property late at night.

Below are five outdoor lighting ideas for your property that are well worth taking into consideration.  We will look at how wall sconces, garden lamps, walkway lights, spotlights, and fake stone columns with cap lights all add to your property’s evening curb appeal.  Each will enhance your home’s value, add comfort, and provide extra security.

The first idea is to use simple wall sconces as lighting fixtures on your front entrance.  The light they provide is soft, but it creates a relaxing feel that’s nice to come home to.  Though the illumination they provide is subtle, simple wall sconces like the ones below are an easy way to add to your home’s attractiveness when it’s dark out.

Wall Sconces

Lights for your garden and lawn are also a tasteful way to give an evening facelift to your landscape.  Available from numerous outlets in halogen bulbs, LED, and solar-powered lighting, garden lamps can keep your garden colorful at night, and even accent different spots on your lawn.  Either way, they’re a nice complement to your property.

garden light

Walkway lights are another simple way to brighten your landscape, add to its security, and bring a glow to its appeal.  Line them on one side of your walkway, or on both.  Either way, the ambience they create will make your home stand out in your neighborhood, and make a pathway you’ll love walking on, day and night.


Spotlights are also a good way to create a dramatic effect on your home’s exterior at night.  Place them in parts of your lawn where they’ll light up the parts of your house you’d like to highlight for dramatic effect.  Spotlighting trees in your yard so that their shadows appear on your house is one way to easily create that kind of effect.  Just make sure to use spotlights minimally.  Too many will create glare, and potentially offend neighbors.

House Spotlights

Another way to add eye-catching illumination to your property while increasing its curb appeal is with a Windsor Fake Stone Column.  Possessing the realistic charm of mason-crafted stonework, these columns complement any landscape beautifully.  Available as mailbox posts and as standalone accents, these columns are included with column caps fitted with solar-powered lighting kits that shine a delicate light on their elegant design at night.

Fake stone mailbox columns come with a solar light kit under the cap.

Outdoor lighting is a smart way to increase your property’s allure, while also increasing your security and safety.  By taking these five ideas for illuminating your home into consideration, you’ll be on your way to maximized curb appeal.

Jun 132014

Many homes have properties with mailboxes near their curbsides, whether at the ends of their driveways or at the entrance of their walkways.  Most of these mailboxes serve the simple purpose, as they should, of being a place where mail is delivered.

The thought of a mailbox being more than just a mailbox may not occur to many homeowners.  But with mailbox columns, turning it into a visually appealing design element for your property can be done easily and affordably.

As you can see in the pictures below, our mailbox posts do a beautiful job of combining utility with a tasteful design that adds unquestionable curb appeal to your home.

Mailbox columns make it fun to take in the mail.

Our Ashford River Rock mailbox post has an elegant look, and can be installed by one or two people.  No masonry team is needed.  After you’ve installed the post, all you need to do is insert the mailbox into the post, followed by inserting the push tab we include so that the mailbox is supported and secured to the post.mailboxpost2

Our Windsor columns also include mailbox designs that contribute a welcoming accent to your property.  They’re available in both Drystack and the River Rock styles.

Our other columns can be used as mailbox posts, as well.  Customer, Holly B., for example, sent us her before and after pictures to show us the difference her Wellington column made in enlivening the appeal of her curb.


mailbox2“Here is the new Mailbox that we just completed yesterday.  We used the Wellington Earth Dry Stack Wide Column to make the body of the mailbox.  Then we used one of your Wide Column Caps for the top,” she said.

Mailboxes made of faux stone offer an easy and economical way to perk up your curb appeal. After installing one, you’ll definitely notice the difference, and will love coming home to it.