Aug 142015

Our fake columns look like the real thing – but how do they work?

Fake columns flank the entrance to this home's large front porch.

Fake columns added the look of real stone to this porch without the headaches.

One question we’re frequently asked about our fake columns is: How do you install them?

The answer depends on the specific type of column you purchase – and we have detailed installation instructions for all of them on our website.

But some aspects are the same throughout – the most fundamental of these being that our beams are installed on wooden posts. We recommend a 4″ or 5″ post, cemented into the ground.

This takes a little bit of handiwork, but isn’t beyond the skills of most focused homeowners.

Once the post is installed, different columns install in different ways.

Supporting wooden post within the column

Supporting wooden post within the column

Our Ashford models, for example, have stack sections inside which you cut to size with a carpentry jigsaw.

Then the columns are simply slotted over the installation post, and filled with a few inches of concrete for a totally secure foundation.

Norwich columns, in contrast, are referred to as ‘wraps’.

These are polyurethane corner panels which slot together to form a column.

Norwich fake column wraps install onto a framework built around the installation post.

Norwich wraps install onto a framework built around the installation post.

These need to be installed on a wooden base frame, which requires slightly more work because you’ll have to frame out the foundation first.

Carlton sleeves slip directly over a 6"x6" post.

Carlton sleeves slip directly over a 6″x6″ post.

Carlton sleeves work in a similar way, except you attach them directly to a 6″x6″ installation post – installing them with regular wood screws and caulk.

Because they slot together like jigsaw pieces, the finished look is totally seamless; and it’s difficult to tell they’re not made from real carefully stacked stone.

Whichever style of column you choose, just know that we’re here to help make sure it works for you. Our website features complete and detailed instructions on installing all these products – and we’re never more than a telephone call or email away if you need further support.

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