Apr 162015
Installing Polyurethane Foam Columns and Mail Boxes

Easy to install, Windsor polyurethane foam columns can be used in a wide variety of ways to upgrade your property.  The Windsor line features one-piece post covers, column wraps and mailboxes.  Each will suit any exterior design beautifully.  The three styles of drystack, random rock and slatestone each come in attractive, earthy color choices that transform […]

Apr 032015
How to Install a Stacked Stone Column Wrap

Many customers are extremely satisfied with how easy it is to install our columns.  Using just some simple tools, they are able to get them up in no time at all.  Below, we’ll show you how to install a faux stacked stone column wrap over an existing support post. Before we begin, here is the list […]

Mar 132015
How to Touch Up Polyurethane Columns

While polyurethane columns require very little maintenance, there may be a few instances when they need a bit of paint – to conceal caulking, cover cut marks that exposed the raw polyurethane or touch up other small areas. For this kind of project, you’ll need the touch-up paint that is made for Carlton columns.  You’ll find […]

Feb 272015
Square Columns: Impressive Style for Your Home's Exterior

Square columns made of polyurethane offer an impressive variety of design possibilities for your home.  Easy to install, they make it easy to bring added beauty to support columns and pillars for your home and property. Our Wellington and Carlton lines both have attractive wide styles that will add a new dimension of beauty to […]

Feb 132015
Faux Column Wraps: 10 Elegant Color Styles

Wellington faux column wraps are a fantastic element for practically any design, indoors and out.  In addition to being practical and budget-friendly alternatives to real stone columns, they realistically convey the same striking look.  Another great feature of these columns is the range of beautiful colors available. From a choice of ten elegant colors, you’ll easily find […]

Jan 302015
What’s In Your Driveway? Design Ideas to Pave the Way

A driveway could be thought of as your home’s calling card. Typically it’s the first thing visitors and passerby see on your property, so its design should reflect how you want your home to be perceived – whether you’re going for a cozy cottage look or something luxurious and grand. There are many types of […]

Jan 162015
Decorative Fence Ideas using Faux Stone Columns

Because fencing doesn’t always look attractive on a property all by itself, decorative fence ideas are useful to have.  While fences may set the boundaries of a property and provide security, they can also give potential visitors the impression of being unwelcome or even locked out.  They can also make the residents of the property […]

Dec 122014
Faux Stone Column Wraps Give Existing Posts Added Style

Existing posts or pillars on our homes can often look bare and uninspiring, and in need of an aesthetic upgrade.  That’s why adding the look of stacked stone or rock to columns can mean a big boost to the visual appeal of your home or business.  With our faux stone column wraps, achieving this look […]

Nov 262014
Easy Ashford Faux Stone Column Installation Instructions

Installing a faux column isn’t as tough as it looks.  In fact, it’s quite easy.  With the simple, step-by-step instructions that are included with these orders, you’ll be able to install them on your own in no time. As with all of our products, there’s no need to hire a mason at all.  By following […]

Nov 142014
Introducing Slate Stone Columns

The new Slate Stone columns by Windsor are an exciting addition to our selection of decorative columns.  With the stylish look of real slate, they give your designs an added flair that is sure to catch the eye of passersby. For enhanced curb appeal, they are ideal design elements to flank your driveway’s entrance with.  […]