Carlton Column Covers

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Artificial stone and brick column covers are a fantastic way for a DIYer to create the look of professional stonework without hiring a mason. Its an easy way to boost your home's curb appeal.

Thanks to their strong polyurethane construction, Carlton column covers hold up beautifully in harsh sun, driving rain, ice and snow. Unlike real stone or brick, the material won't dust or chip so it will continue to look terrific for many years with little maintenance. Polyurethane also maintains its color better than other alternatives with a near zero UV degradation rating, so fading won't be an issue.

The covers' hollow cored design makes them super simple to install. Just slip them over an existing wooden posts, shim & screw as needed and you're done.

Prefer a standalone column? Add the optional base pedestal and column cap accessories and you can have a pillar on either side of your driveway, flanking an entrance, etc. Everyone will think you hired an expensive stone mason, but you'll know you save both time and money.

The covers are easy to screw into and cut so you can easily shorten as needed or add openings for crossbeams. Need a taller column? Their stackable design means you can put together as many as needed to create whatever height you desire.

Wherever they're used - on a deck, fence or accenting a business sign, Carlton column covers make it easy to invigorate the style of any exterior.