Norwich Fake Stacked Stone Pillars

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Fake stone pillars are the perfect solution for dressing up an existing fence post, porch or structural support. With the realistic feel and appearance of genuine stacked stone masonry, no one will know you installed it with only a fraction of the work that the real thing requires.

Thanks to a simple 4-piece "glue and screw" design, you'll be amazed how quickly you can create the look of real stacked stone. Rather than days or weeks of work, you can install these pillars before lunch time.

Made from strong, maintenance-free polyurethane foam that won't fade or deteriorate, they're virtually resistant to all sorts of harsh weather and chipping, unlike real stone. Pests won't be a bother either - termites, carpenter ants and other insects have no interest in eating the material.

Molded from genuine stacked stone, these pillars are the perfect touch to enhance your home's curb appeal, dress up a garden, driveway entrance and more. You can also use them as a standalone column with an optional cap to finish the look.