Wellington Faux Stone Columns

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Stone columns are an elegant addition to virtually any home, indoors or out, but not everyone wants to spend the money to hire a expensive stone mason. Thanks to Wellington columns, there's an easy, economical alternative/

These faux stone columns are made from molds taken from genuine dry stack to look fantastically real. Your neighbors will be completely fooled and impressed by the result.

Made from extremely strong polyurethane; wind, snow, rain sleet or hot sun will not harm these columns. They also resist chipping and won't attract pests like wood columns can.

Thanks to their light weight, Wellington columns and wraps are easy to install, making them the perfect weekend DIY project.

With many colors that provide a range of options and two different sizes, you'll easily find a column to suit your needs. Whether flanking your driveway or decorative the porch, the columns will always give you a great result. their interlocking design makes assembly easy and seamless for a professional looking finish.

Faux stone columns are great indoors or out, providing elegance at a wallet-friendly price. Your driveway, fence, porch, garden entrance and more will instantly look grand.