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Decorative columns are versatile design elements - equally beautiful indoors or out, whether part of a larger design or standing alone. No matter how you decide to use columns for your home, office or business remodel, they add an elegant, eye-catching touch.

Column wraps are a popular way to enhance the look of existing porch posts to more easily and affordably create the appearance of expensive conventional masonry. Mailbox columns increase curb appeal and visual detail by adding a sophisticated element to your exterior. Column and half column designs can be used practically anywhere to boost the appeal of a remodel of renovation/

Made using durable, lightweight materials, all of the columns are resistant to fading, chipping, cracking and flaking - unlike the materials they mimic. They'll stand up to years of wind, rain, snow and sun better than the real thing. Molded and colored to look exactly like stone, rock and rick, everyone will be fooled by their impressively realistic quality.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, you'd be hard-pressed not to find something that will suit your needs perfectly. Many of the column styles also feature optional caps, bases and risers that will aid you in creating the best look to complement your design. Give your home, office or business a beautiful new look quickly, easily and affordably with decorative columns.