Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much are the columns?
    About 20% to 60% less than all other similar types of stone and brick veneer products. You can find all the prices on the corresponding column pages:

    Ashford Columns
    Wellington Columns
    Carlton Columns
    Norwich Columns
    Windsor Columns
  2. Do you offer a warranty on your columns?
    Yes, we offer a 15-year limited warranty.

    Barron Designs Inc. (dba™) warrantees all Faux Columns™ to withstand normal outdoor conditions for fifteen years. Barron Designs (dba™) warrantees the Faux Columns™ will not peel, crack, split, or rot.

    Barron Designs (dba™) warrantees against all manufacturer defects (Barron Designs must be notified within 30 days of purchase if a manufacture defect was found). Damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, fire, improper installation, improper maintenance, acts of God, or use of products not approved by Barron Designs Inc shall not be covered under the warranty. Barron Designs Faux Columns™ are treated with a coating of a U.V. finish. This prevents and/or slows down sun fading, but like anything left in the sun, some slight fading could occur. Barron Designs does not warranty against this sun fading. Barron Designs does not warranty Faux Columns™ against hurricanes or tornado damage.

    When Barron Designs has determined that a Faux Column is defective, it will replace the product or a credit may be offered instead of replacement (at Barron Designs' discretion). Barron Designs' liability is limited to the cost of the defective product.

    This warranty expressly excludes the following:

    • Harmful chemicals
    • Misuse or abuse
    • Fire or flood
    • Vandalism
    • Distorting and warping from excessive heat
    • Mold and Mildew accumulation
    • Damage from shipping and Handling
    • Lightning, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, earthquake, or any other acts of god
    • Animal or birds
    • Color changes due to normal weathering including sunlight
    • Falling objects or impact of foreign objects
    • Damage from improper installation
  3. What are the columns made of?
    Most of our column lines are made from high density polyurethane. The Ashford columns are made out of a very durable, medium density polyethlene.
  4. How do I cut the columns?
    Cutting the columns is easy! You can use any wood cutting tool.

    Please click on the images below to see a short video of the panels being cut.

    Chop Saw









  5. How light are they?
    All our columns vary in weight between all the product lines we are offering. Please click on the product line your interested in to see the weight.
  6. Are the columns easy to install?
    Yes, our columns are very easy to install. Please click for the installation directions. If you are not handy, any carpenter in the phone book can install our columns.
  7. Can your Faux Columns™ be painted?
    Yes, all of our Faux Columns™ (except the Ashford columns) can be painted. A high quality exterior water based latex paint is recommended.
  8. Do you protect your columns from fading?
    Yes, our columns offer a near zero color degradation (about 1% over a span of 5-10 years depending on your conditions),™ recommends reapplying a clear coat UV inhibitor as a top coat every 5 years or so depending on your conditions to keep the color looking fresh.
  9. Do you make custom colors, sizes, and textures?
    Yes, for large volume orders it's possible to have your very own custom design. Please call us for more information.
  10. Where are Faux Columns™ and veneer used?
    Anywhere you want the look of brick or stone. The columns are perfect for inside or outside in any residential or commercial application.
  11. Is there any maintenance needed?
    After the column is installed, no maintenance is required!
  12. What sizes do the columns come in?
    Please click on the product line you are interested in to learn more.
  13. Can your Faux Columns™ be used outside?
    YES! Our Faux Columns™ were specially formulated to resist moisture, sun fading, insects and pests. Click here to see installation examples of brick and stone columns.
  14. What do the columns feel like? Do they feel real?
    The columns are molded from real brick and stone. Therefore, they feel just like the real thing.
  15. Are the samples rebatable?
    Yes, the samples are fully rebatable.
  16. How do I cash in my sample order rebate?
    We will include a coupon code in the order confirmation for you to use on your next online order.

    The coupon will have a code for you to use for your next order in your shopping cart.

    In order for you to use coupon, your order subtotal must be greater than coupon amount.

  17. If I am a builder, designer or architect can I get a discount?
    We do offer a volume discount on large orders to the trades.
  18. How do I place an order?
    Simply hit the Add to cart button in our online store. Your products will be stored in your Shopping cart. Hit the Checkout button when you are ready to check out and pay for your items.
  19. What countries do you ship to?
    We ship to all countries. If you live outside United States or Canada, please contact us for more information.
  20. How do the Faux Columns™ ship?
    All of our Faux Columns™ ship UPS directly to you (or your job site). Shipping is an additional cost.
  21. How much is shipping?
  22. Are my columns waterproof?
    YES, no need to worry. These columns are perfect for all climates. They're impervious to sun fading, water, animal or insect attacks. Our UV prohibiters will protect the finish, even for exterior use. You can read the test reports here.
  23. How do I clean the Faux Columns™?
    Cleaning the columns is easy. For exterior applications, simply rinse them down with a garden hose. For interior applications, you can wash them with soap and water or a mild detergent.
  24. What do other customers say about Faux Columns™?
  25. Do you have showrooms in my area?
    No, you are in our online showroom. To keep the cost down to you, we can only be found online. Everything we sell is factory direct.
    You won't be able to find this product in any stores. Please feel free to order samples from our website.
  26. Are you running any promotions?
    Yes! You can visit our sale page here and see what kind of discounts or promotional offers are currently available.
  27. How is it made?

    Molds are made using real rock, stone, and brick as the master mold then, using a proprietary process, liquid polyurethane is introduced into the mold forming the exact clone of the original.

    Barron Designs products are produced to simulate the appearance of real wood, stone, brick, and rock. Just as natural products can vary in color and other physical characteristics, each product is designed to have natural variations in pattern, texture, shape, knots, and color.

  28. Where is your corporate office?
  29. Will I need special tools to install the Panels?
    No. Just the typical tools found in the average home shop should be enough to handle most home projects. Please click for the installation directions.
  30. How do I know how much caulking to use?
    For Wellington Columns it is recommended to order 1 tube per 2 columns and Norwich Columns it is recommended to order 1 tube per column. All other columns do not require caulking.
  31. What if I don't want to install myself?
    Anyone with basic understanding of carpentry can easily install the columns. Click here to learn how to install.
  32. How will the columns handle the elements?
    The columns have been tested under various conditions. Click here to visit the specification page
  33. Does the mailbox come included in the column?
    If you order it as a mailbox, yes.
  34. How real do the Faux Columns™ look?
    Everyone has the same reaction when they see our Faux Columns™ for the first time. They have to actually pick up a panel see how light it is. Shocked, surprised and delighted. They can't believe it's not real. The Faux Columns™ are indistinguishable from real brick, stone and wood products.
  35. How many Faux Columns™ do you offer?
    We offer a wide variety of column styles and are always adding more.
  36. What accessories do you offer for your Faux Column lines?
    To complement our columns, we offer a variety of cap choices as well as some bases. We also sell matching Faux Panels.
  37. Are the Faux Columns™ safe for my child to be around? Are the faux columns™ toxic?
    Our Faux Columns™ are non-toxic and have no off-gasses. They are completely safe for both adults and children.
  38. If I was to install the Faux Columns™ in my basement, which can be damp, will it ruin or lessen the life expectancy of the product?
    Installing our Faux Columns™ in a damp basement will NOT ruin the life expectancy. Our Faux Columns™ have gone through much water and humidity testing.
  39. Can I use your Faux Columns™ under water (pond, pool, aquarium, under a waterfall)?
    Although our Faux Columns™ are waterproof, different areas have different chemicals in the water. Substances like chlorine and others could damage the finish of the columns, and are not covered by our warranty. We suggest ordering a sample and trying it first.

    We also do not recommend installing our columns in a body of water that will be inhabited by any kind of animal life (such as aquariums or fish ponds).
  40. How do I store the Faux Columns™?
    All our panels and siding should be stored flat. If the panels are laid on edge for a long period of time they could eventually bow, this is especially true in warm weather or in the sun. If your panels are stored in an upright position and happen to bow, lay them flat in a warm room or sun and they will self-correct.
  41. At what temperature should I store Faux Columns™
    Faux Columns™ should be stored in room temperature or cooler.
  42. Do you offer fire rated Faux Columns™?
    Yes our Norwich line can be purchased in Fire Rated. For larger volume orders our Carlton and Wellington lines can be Class A fire rated as well.