Horse Jump Ideas

Horse jump ideas are fun to imagine with fake stone columns.

Show-Ready Horse Jumps with Fake Columns

To carry out your blue ribbon horse jump ideas, fake brick and stone columns are much more convenient than ones made of the real thing. Lightweight and simple to install, they can be easily moved when the designs of the jump course changes.

They are safe for horses, too, and will not hurt them if hit. The realistic look of authentic stone will also give jumping course a beautiful look.

Our Customers say:

Faux Columns are terrific! Normally columns for show jumping courses are stone – which means the course never changes. Thanks to your faux stone panels we can have that traditional look but because it’s wrapped around wood posts, we can move them as we want. No more boredom! Thanks

Stephanie B., NY.

Horse jump ideas can be easy to create with faux stone columns.
Wellington Columns
Wellington columns make practical and financial sense when used as horse jumps. Made from molds of actual dry stack stone, their resemblance to the real thing is uncanny. Lightweight, safe and easy to install, they are a gorgeous addition to any jump course.
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Create stunning horse jumps with our stone veneer columns.
Ashford Columns
Ashford columns are a simple, budget-friendly way to easily build attractive horse jumps. Their lightweight construction makes them easy enough to install on your own. Your horse will love it, too. Weatherproof and maintenance-free, you’ll get the stunning look of professional masonry that will last for years to come.
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Artificial stone columns make for practical horse jumps.
Carlton Columns
Carlton columns are wonderful when used as horse jumps. Their striking resemblance to genuine stone will give your property or jumping course a captivating new look. Light weight and easily adjustable widths and heights for your horse add convenience to your training responsibilities. Designed for quick installation, all you need are few basic tools.
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Horse jump ideas are easy to create with simulated stone columns.
Norwich Columns
Norwich columns are great for use in jumping course circuits. Safe for horses and easy to move, they beat real stone columns any day. Molded from genuine stacked stone, they have the impressive and realistic look of genuine stone. With an easy four-piece design that’s easily installed, you'll be pleased at how fast you can create the appearance of professional masonry.
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Fake stone posts are a cost-effective and easy way to build horse jumps.
Windsor Columns
Windsor columns will give you the ability to create different kinds of jumping circuits more easily then you could with real stone columns. Their authentic look and texture will add greater visual attraction and give your property a stately appeal that will last throughout the years. The weather-resistant polyurethane makeup of the columns is also lightweight, and very easy to install.
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Jumps made with fake columns are safer, because they won’t hurt horses like the real thing would, in cases of collision. Available in an impressive array of styles and colors, you’ll be able to find the right mix of columns that will create a stunning course design. Imagine a beautiful horse jumping circuit that can be put together for a fraction of the time and cost of one built by a mason.