How to Caulk Columns

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

  1. Textured Caulk
  2. Caulking Gun
  3. Touch-up Paint
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Damp Rag


A few of our columns, covers and wraps come as interlocking pieces instead of one solid structure in order to better accommodate installation on existing structures. In these cases it may be needed or you may prefer to caulk the interlocking column pieces for a more seamless look. These handy instructions will give you the basic knowledge you need in order to caulk your columns.

Note: Only use the caulking color(s) that is available as an accessory for the specific column and style you are working with to achieve the best results.

Caulking may squeeze out from between the seams.

1.) When joining interlocking column pieces together, some of the caulking may squeeze out from the seams.

Wipe down any excess caulk from the column seams using a wet rag.

2.) Any excess caulk can be easily removed by using a wet rag or cloth.

Smooth and blend the remaining caulk with a wet paint brush.

3.) Smooth the remaining caulk in the seams using a wet paint brush. A horizontal (side to side) motion can help to better blend the caulk color into the columns.

Apply a dab of caulk to any screw holes to conceal them.

4.) For wraps and covers that have been screwed or nailed into a framework, caulking will help to conceal them and provide a more realistic appearance. Simply apply a small amount of caulk to the screw or nail head and smooth it out with a wet paintbrush. Then allow the caulking to dry. If there are Touch Up Kits available for your specific column design and style, follow the How to Touch Up instructions to further conceal the caulk using the paints provided in the line specific Touch Up Kits.

Note: Click the link below to see the Touch Up instructions that would apply to your project.