How to Touch Up Windsor Columns

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

  1. Touch-up Paint
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Damp Rag


To do this project you will need to use the touch-up paint that is made for your columns. We recommend practicing this on a scrap piece, if possible, before working on your column. Touch ups may be needed over areas where you need to conceal the caulking, spots were cuts were made and exposed the raw polyurethane, or on other areas where touch ups may be required.

Touch-up paint for your stone veneer columns may include multiple colors.

1.) Touch-Up kits may contain multiple paint colors depending on what color column you have.

Scuffs and cuts on faux stone veneer columns are easy to repair.

2.) Choose the best Touch-up paint based on the size of the affected area, color of the surrounding stone veneer column and depth of the area to be touched up.

Paint will need to be diluted with some water to achieve the necessary consistency.

3.) Touch-Up paint will need to be dilute with some water to create a workable consistency.

4.) To achieve the best color for your individual rock pillars or stone veneer columns, different color touch-up paints may need to be mixed. This will allow you to achieve different shades. Add water as needed for transparency and dab any excess paint off if desired to achieve the proper look. Apply a small amount of diluted paint to moist cloth, small brush, sponge, or Q-tip.

Dab paint on to your faux stone veneer columns using a brush or cloth.

5.) Apply lighter paint colors first. Let them dry for 10 to 15 minutes before applying any darker shades needed. Paint should be dabbed into the desired area. Any paint applied to undamaged areas should be wiped up quickly using a clean, damp cloth.

Apply paint to your simulated rock pillars as instructed for the best look.

6.) We suggest applying multiple thin coats of paint in translucent shades at first and then gradually darkening the area to blend in. Continue to dab and blend paints with a clean, damp cloth until the repaired area blends with the surrounding faux stone or rock pillar. Wipe off any excess paint immediately.

Now you faux stone veneer columns are touched up and looking great.

7.) Let paint dry and you are finished.