Ashford Outdoor Columns and Posts

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Outdoor columns or posts can add polish to any property. With the Ashford line of faux rock columns, there's a fast and cost-effective way to add classic beauty to your home or storefront and boost curb appeal.

Made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), Ashford porch columns are easy for any home owner to install thanks to their light weight. They're also low maintenance - able to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures and still look terrific. Unlike wooden columns, there's also no chance of dam,age from such insects as termites or carpenter ants.

Three different styles - Ledgestone, River Rock and River Rock Mailbox - and three different colors mean you have a variety of options for any design. Even better, you can create exactly the height you need with a post riser for the River Rock style and stackable sections for ledgestone.

The exterior columns from Ashford create the gorgeous look of traditional stone at a fraction of real stone's price. That's a win/win for homeowners.