Mailbox Post Ideas

Inspired Mailbox Designs with Faux Columns

Inspired mailbox post ideas can easily be realized with faux columns. They are a simple and affordable way to add beauty to your yard and increase curb appeal.

Lightweight, durable and weatherproof, they look like the work of a skilled mason. When you install one of these posts, you and your neighbors will be captivated.

Our Customers say:

Here is the new Mailbox that we just completed yesterday. We used the Wellington Earth Dry Stack Wide Column to make the body of the mailbox. Then we used on of your Wide Column Caps for the top.

Holly B.

Thank you, appreciate everything you have done for us. We have been receiving many compliments on the columns, people can’t believe they are faux.

Rita - Las Vegas, NV

Faux stone mailbox columns are a tasteful accent to your property.
Wellington Columns
A sophisticated enhancement to any home’s yard, the Wellington columns make a perfect mailbox. Crafted from molds made of actual dry stack stone, they have a striking resemblance to the real thing. Nobody will know the difference!
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Mailbox post ideas are given greater possibility with fake stone columns.
Ashford Columns
The Ashford River Rock veneer mailbox columns are practical and easy to install. Their Medium Density Polyethylene construction stands up to the harshest weather extremes, and will last throughout the years. Available in color options of Gray, Calico and Brown, they offer the elegance of authentic stone for less money and time
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Add zest and beauty with stone veneer mailbox posts.
Carlton Columns
The Carlton simulated stone mailbox columns are a great way to create the appearance of professional masonry without needing to hire a professional. They easily boost your property’s curb appeal. Their lightweight, hollowed-core design also makes them a breeze to install.
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Get the sophisticated look of real stone with our mailbox columns.
Norwich Columns
The Norwich artificial stone mailbox columns boast the realistic look and texture of authentic stacked stone. Everyone will think it’s the work of a mason. Built from molds made of real stone, this column adds a stunning touch to your property, and will add tremendous curb appeal.
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These mailbox posts are easy for anyone to install. By following our step-by-step instructions, you’ll have remarkable results that look like the work of a professional. Just make sure to check your local building codes for compliance with the safety regulations of your region.