Press releases™ Expands Do-It-Yourself Market with Incredibly Realistic Paneling in Faux Brick, Stone and Wood 

New products provide low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to natural materials with the same great look.

Deer Park, NY October 19, 2006 – In response to consumer demand for a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to desirable but expensive natural materials,™ introduces several varieties of faux brick, stone and wood paneling and siding.

Faux panels™ are a great solution for re-siding a house, adding a decorative look to a family room or enclosing an outdoor patio. With FauxPanels™, homeowners can tackle such home improvement projects and get professional results without the expense of hiring a mason or carpenter. Along with the initial cost savings in labor and materials, they avoid the long-term costs that natural materials require in upkeep.

“Our panels are so realistic that they are indistinguishable from real brick, stone or wood,” says company President Steve Barron. “Everyone has the same reaction when they see our faux panels™ for the first time. They can’t believe it’s not real. They have to actually pick up a panel to see how light it is.”

The lightweight, interlocking panels are easy to install in both interior and exterior settings. At just 4 pounds each, these 2’ by 4’ panels are easily handled and can be sawed, drilled and fastened with tools found in any toolbox. This allows homeowners to install wood paneling, simulated stone siding or brick veneer themselves, at a fraction of the cost or time required for natural materials.

Once installed, the paneling provides a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically improve the décor of a room. With over 45 styles available—from river-tossed or stacked stone to red brick, barnboard to bamboo—a homeowner can select a look as unique as they are.  One that reflects their lifestyle while enhancing their property’s value.

And how are they using it?  “Homeowners send us photos of the work they’ve done.  For example, I’ve seen simulated stone on fireplaces, planters, outside walls, house foundations and skirtings, commercial signs – there are just so many uses,” says Barron Designs CFO Ruth Barron.

The paneling is incredibly realistic because each is cast from a mold of the actual stone, rock, brick or wood.  So every detail is present.  Unlike other panels, these are not made from vinyl, with its accompanying environmental and health concerns. products are constructed from rigid polyurethane for a maintenance-free long life.  They are not affected by moisture, heat, cold or insects and can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.  Panels are also available with a Class A fire rating for added protection.

This faux wood, brick and stone paneling and siding is available online at™. For more information, visit the website or call 1-800-651-4223.

FauxPanels™ leads the industry with the most realistic faux brick, stone and wood paneling and siding products on the market.  It is a subsidiary of Barron Designs Inc., a family business dedicated to the home improvement industry since 1972.    For more information, visit™.

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