Porch Column Ideas

Porch Design Made Easy with Columns

These porch column ideas using simulated stone are great examples of how you can accent the beauty of your own home’s exterior and enhance its curb appeal.

These gorgeous design elements have a remarkably realistic look that adds a sophisticated touch to your home. Easy to install around existing support structures, everyone will think you hired an expensive mason to do the job.

Our Customers say:

Let us start by saying, we couldn’t be happier with your product and the look that was achieved; just as we imagined it. Enclosed are the before and after photos. I spoke with someone from customer service on August 18th, 2010 and she asked that we send them via email.

Denise C. M.

I just wanted to share the before and after pictures of our home after using your products. We can't believe the difference it has made, we are so happy with it. We have received so many compliments. Most people don't even know that it isn't real stone. Great job and a great product! Thanks for all the tech help as well.

Thomas P. - Brockway, PA

We endeavored to modify our basic lake house into a craftsman style cottage appearance and the Wellington Dry Stack column wraps helped us move in that direction. My neighbor and my sister were so impressed with the appearance they are in the process of placing orders for some of the Faux Panels for use on their homes.

TennGriff - Middle, TN

Porch column ideas with fake stone posts are a practical and easy way to give your home added appeal.
Wellington Columns
Wellington porch columns are a smart way to build a refreshing new design for your home’s exterior. Made from molds of genuine dry stack stone, the resemblance they have to the real thing is remarkable. You won’t believe the beauty they add to your home.
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Fake stone porch columns give the exterior of your home a renewed look.
Ashford Columns
The Ashford Ledgestone and River Rock porch columns are a quick and budget-friendly way to add sophistication to your home while easily boosting the visual appeal of your property. Their lightweight Medium Density Polyethylene construction makes them easy to install. They also withstand severe weather, and will look as good as new for years to come. Highly realistic in look and texture, the colors they are available in include Brown, Gray and Calico.
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Stone veneer columns give your porch added comfort and appeal.
Carlton Columns
The Carlton columns are an affordable and easy way to enhance the design of your porch. With a striking resemblance to real stone, they effortlessly improve your home’s curb appeal. Designed for quick and easy installation, all you need are a few simple tools, and you’ll have an impressive exterior.
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Artificial stone pillars help you make the most of your porch column ideas.
Norwich Columns
Norwich columns are a fantastic way to add charm and elegance to your porch design. Your neighbors will have a hard time believing it’s not the work of a mason. Crafted from molds made of actual stone, these columns provide your home’s exterior with a stunning look, and will greatly enhance curb appeal.
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Faux stone columns give your porch and home a refreshing new feel.
Windsor Columns
The Windsor Random Rock and Drystack columns give your home the sophisticated look of authentic stone. Their highly realistic texture and appearance will easily increase the visual appeal of your property. With a durable polyurethane makeup, the columns maintain their fresh look throughout the years, and resist the wear and tear of severe weather conditions.
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Our porch columns are easy enough for anyone to install. Follow our detailed instructions step by step, and you’ll have fantastic results that look like real masonry.