Photo Gallery: Carlton Decorative Post Cover

Homes and businesses can get a huge design boost with Carlton decorative post covers. Available in two different styles of simulated brick and cobblestone, you can use them indoors and out for a wide variety of looks and applications.

Dressing up a deck, property line, porch or even commercial sign has never been easier. Designed to install quickly and easily with a few simple tools, you can use them to anchor a metal or wooden fence, enhance a backyard deck or create a standalone accent with a matching cap.

Durable polyurethane construction means the covers will hold up in all kinds of weather and wear for many years while still looking terrific. Pests like termites have no interest in them.

Browse the photos below and see how past customers have used Carlton decorative post covers to realize their exterior design plans.


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CC1. Ledgestone Summer Tan
CC2. Ledgestone Summer Tan
Before and After
CC3. Ledgestone Summer Tan
CC4. Cobblestone Sierra Sand
CC5. Cobblestone Sierra Sand
Before and After
CC6. Brick Bordeaux
CC7. Brick Bordeaux
CC8. Brick Bordeaux
CC9. Brick Bordeaux
Before and After
CC10. Brick Bordeaux
Before and After
CC11. Cobblestone Limestone
CC12. Cobblestone Summer Tan
Before and After
CC13. Cobblestone Summer Tan
CC14. Cobblestone Summer Tan
CC15. Cobblestone Summer Tan
CC16. Ledgestone Dakota Blend
CC17. Brick Bordeaux
CC18. Brick Bordeaux
CC19. Cobblestone Summer Tan
Before and After
CC20. Cobblestone Summer Tan
Brick veneer pillars are a stylish addition to any deck -- especially one with a great view like this. CC21. Brick Bordeaux
Faux stone columns add to the beauty of this deck's waterviews. CC22. Cobblestone Sierra Sand
A faux stone pillar adds an opulent touch to the fence around this deck CC23. Cobblestone Summer Tan
Artificial stone fencing posts are a beautiful addition to this deck CC24. Cobblestone Summer Tan
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
A manufactured stone fence post elevates and improves an otherwise routine deck CC25. Cobblestone Summer Tan
CC26. Cobblestone Limestone
CC27. Cobblestone Limestone
CC28. Brick Bordeaux
CC29. Cobblestone Summer Tan
CC30. Cobblestone Sierra Sand
(Repainted by Owner)
Before and After
CC31. Cobblestone Sierra Sand
(Repainted by Owner)
Before and After
CC32. Cobblestone Dakota Blend
CC33. Cobblestone Sierra Sand
CC34. Castle Rock Limestone
CC35. Cobblestone Dakota Blend