Photo Gallery: Wellington Decorative Column Ideas

A decorative column can provide an elegant facelift to any interior design or landscaping. As seen in the photos below, Wellington imitation stone columns can be used on porches, walkways, business signs, wrapped around interior supports and more.

Highly durable, a Wellington column can withstand heavy traffic areas and extreme weather conditions so you can feel free to use it in any setting or climate. Unaffected by moisture, the columns can be placed in higher humidity areas indoors or out without fear of peeling or mildew. Its material also has an excellent resistance to UV so it won't fade or deteriorate even after prolonged sun exposure.

Whether used indoors or out, a Wellington decorative column is a great design alternative - adding the look of real stone without the cost, time or maintenance.



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CO1. Drystack Espresso
CO2. Drystack Espresso
CO3. Drystack Espresso
CO4. Drystack Espresso
CO5. Drystack Espresso
CO6. Drystack Earth
CO7. Drystack Earth
CO8. Drystack Earth
CO9. Drystack Earth
CO10. Drystack Earth
CO11. Drystack Earth
Before and After
CO12. Drystack Earth
CO13. Drystack Earth
CO14. Drystack Quarry Gray
CO15. Drystack Quarry Gray
CO16. Drystack Quarry Gray
CO17. Drystack Quarry Gray
CO18. Drystack Quarry Gray
CO19. Drystack Quarry Gray
CO20. Drystack Earth
CO21. Drystack Earth
CO22. Drystack Earth
CO23. Drystack Espresso
CO24. Drystack Espresso
CO25. Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
CO26. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO27. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO28. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO29. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO30. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO31. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO32. Drystack Tierra Gold
CO33. Drystack Earth
CO34. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
CO35. Drystack Sand
CO36. Drystack Sand
CO37. Drystack Sand
CO38. Drystack Sand
CO39. Drystack Sand
CO40. Drystack Earth
CO41. Drystack Earth
CO42. Drystack Sand
CO43. Drystack Earth
CO44. Drystack Earth
CO45. Drystack Earth
CO46. Drystack Earth
Before and After
CO47. Drystack Earth
CO48. Drystack Earth
CO49. Drystack Earth
CO50. Drystack Earth
Before and After
CO51. Drystack Espresso