Faux Column Designs


Fake stone mailbox columns are a convenient way to add curb appeal.

Driveway Columns

Column designs in faux stone and brick upgrade the appeal of driveway entrances.

Porch Columns

Faux stone columns are perfect design elements for porches.

Signs and Monuments

Fake stone columns are a great way to make your sign stand out.

Horse Jumps

Column designs in artificial stone make beautiful horse jumps.

There a number of different practical and attractive column designs that can be built easily with faux columns. These budget-friendly options include mailboxes, driveway columns, porch columns, signs and monuments, and even horse jumps.

Because of their high-density polyurethane composition, the columns are extremely durable and lightweight. As a result, they are very easy to install and will maintain an impressive look throughout the years. Their realistic look replicates the appearance of a mason’s craft, without the added cost. Faux columns are a fantastic way to upgrade your property’s curb appeal or enhance your interior’s ambiance. Without spending an arm and a leg, you’ll be able to effortlessly add the elegance of stone, rock, and brick.

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Take a look at the unique project ideas listed on this page to get an idea of how faux columns can bring new life to your designs.