Product Specifications

All of our fake column product lines have undergone various testing to ensure that they conform to or exceed requirements. These tests include such things as thermal cycling tests to determine expansion and contraction rates; material safety tests to ensure environmental and personal health are not impacted by our products; and UV exposure testing.

The specs listed below will help you find any particular information you may need. Every column line and their accessories have been thoroughly tested so as to guarantee to the best of our ability the longevity of the product and the safety of those who have chosen to purchase and install our products.

The information on these pages may be a lot to take in. If you have any other questions concerning column specs that have not been answered by reading our product specifications pages, please contact us and we will endeavor to answer you as best we can. If you need any more help in determining whether our columns and accessories are right for your needs, we suggest ordering samples so as to see and feel our products firsthand.

Specifications for Wellington faux stone columns
Carlton faux brick and stone column specifications

Norwich columns artificial stone product specifications
Windsor manufactured stone specifications

Product specifications for Ashford Columns.