Fake Brick Columns

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Fake brick columns perfectly recreate the look and texture of conventional bricklaying techniques. Beautifully redecorate or renovate your home, office or business by cladding your porch posts, entranceway columns, railings and more.

Made from durable and lightweight polyurethane foam, fake brick is a perfect choice for DIY projects - making for faster turnaround times while withstanding the elements amazingly. Following proper installation techniques, the columns' material is more resistant to fading, chipping, cracking and general deterioration than conventional bricks. The high density, closed cell foam also makes it weatherproof and moisture resistant so they'll stay looking great after years of wind, rain, snow and more.

Get gorgeous brick styles that will convince friends, family and passersby that you had expensive masonry work done. there's no need for a mason, expensive build teams, added supports or mess mortar to get the job done. All of the columns we offer are designed to install easily with nothing more than glue and screws.

Brick columns add a timeless, classic quality to designs, creating appeal and eye-catching detail both indoors and out. The realistic look, feel and color of the fake brick mimics the real thing to such a degree that people have a hard believing it isn't real. You get the look you want without skimping on quality while saving on install time, costs and regular upkeep. Once these columns are up, they'll stay looking great without needing to worry about them.

Make your home, office or business really shine with the classic touch of brick without breaking the bank. We're certain you won't be disappointed with the outcome!