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Faux stacked stone columns are an attractive addition to any design that will enhance visual appeal while saving time and money. Each column perfectly mimics the look and texture of real stacked stone and gives your designs the appearance of tradition stone masonry without the hassles of the real thing.

Traditional masonry can be time consuming, expensive and messy. Choosing faux stacked stone saves you all of that trouble while perfectly recreating the look of the real thin. Every column has a highly realistic look and texture because they're made using durable polyurethane foam molded from actual stacked stone. Unlike the real thing, the closed cell structure of the material makes it more resistant to chipping, cracking, deteriorating, mold, mildew or general wear and tear. This means that it stays looking for years with minimal maintenance.

Whether added indoors or outside, the columns offer a time and money-saving alternative to real stone. Thanks to their lightweight material they are perfect for DIY home improvement and make for a quicker turnaround time during a commercial renovation. there's no need to hire expensive masons and build teams or heavy machinery to haul stone around. Each column installs easily with glue and screws. And if you have to make any custom cuts, all you need are basic tools that you likely already have in your tool shed or garage.

Faux stacked stone columns will bring the beauty of real masonry to your home, office or business without wasting your time or money. Get a great new look that is certain to turn heads in no time.