Castle Rock Columns

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The Castle Rock style of columns is hard to miss with its bold mosaic of large rectangles and squares. What’s even harder to miss is the columns’ authentic recreation of real stone – a look that will add sophistication and classic appeal wherever it’s used. Fit for a king you might say.

Like our other columns, Castle Rock is created from a mold of real stone. High-density polyurethane is then poured into this mold and set, capturing every bump, ridge and indent.

This material not only looks like genuine, it’s just as tough – if not tougher. It’s extremely resistant to the elements that normally would cause cracking, fading and chipping, and the need for maintenance is almost nil. And unlike it’s real counterpart, polyurethane is very lightweight, eliminating the need to break your back hauling heavy materials around.

The columns can be used indoors or outside. Popular uses include adding them to decks, driveways, fences, porches and more. The best part is that wherever you choose to incorporate the columns, you can install them yourself in a matter of hours with very few skills needed.

Castle Rock will give your home or business a regal appearance at an affordable price, no professional mason required.