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Dry stack stone faux pillars create dynamic visual appeal that brings a touch of charm and sophistication to any interior or exterior whether a home, office or business. get the great look of stonework without all the hidden cost and hassles of traditional masonry.

All of the Dry Stack styles available offer numerous ways to breathe life into design plans. The wide array of color option gives you the opportunity to find exactly the look that you need. You'll be amazed at their versatility, durability and ease of installation.

Made from lightweight and durable polyurethane foam, the pillars make remodeling or enhancing a design easy and affordable. The high-density closed cell polyurethane perfectly recreates the look and texture of real stone but at a fraction of the weight. They're also resistant to flaking, cracking, chipping, fading, moisture, weather and general wear & tear.

Upkeep is practically nonexistent. Once installed, faux dry stack stone looks great for years without needing any special treatment or power-washing. All you need to do is follow our simple installation guides and then admire the beauty. No need to worry about expensive masons, build teams, machinery, special tools or messy mortar to clean up.

Get the look and feel of traditional masonry without wasting time or money. Beautify and enhance the appearance of designs simply and easily with dry stack stone faux pillars for that perfect finishing touch.