Slatestone Columns

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Slatestone driveway posts provide a relaxing, summery look to upgrade your home’s exterior. They’re also great for exterior designs at office buildings and commercial establishments. Available in many gorgeous colors, you’ll easily find a style that suits your needs.

Thanks to the light weight and durable polyurethane makeup of these columns, they’re very easy to install. Even after years of exposure to heat, sunlight, wind, snow and rain, they’ll look as good as new. The high-density polyurethane resists fading, cracking, chipping, splitting and pest damage.

Slatestone posts will instantly enhance the visual appeal of your property. Their realistic look will lead passersby to believe they are the work of a professional stone mason, yet their installation is completely DIY friendly. Use them to flank entranceways and driveways, place them within your fence line for an eye-catching look.

Columns made of real stone require trucks to haul in stone, professional installation, expensive tools, messy mortar, and a longer time until completion. Upkeep and clean up with real stone can be expensive and time-consuming, too.

The advantage of these columns is that they make design projects easy and more cost-effective, thanks to their light weight and durability. In fact, anyone can install one, while adding a professional look that won't break the bank.