All Column Installation Accessories

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Accessories are the small things that help you create the best new look with your faux stone, rock and brick columns. When you want to make sure your new columns look their best and stay that way for years, our various caulks, glues and touch-up kits are what you need.

The DIY friendly nature of our products makes them easy and affordable to maintain. Often you’ll never have to worry about them once you’re done with column installation. Touch-up Kits will help you fix up and hide any accidental scuffs or blemishes that may arise during install or over the years.

Caulk can help create that weatherproof seal, hide accidental seams, and helps cover up screw or nail heads. We have a large variety of colored caulks so you’ll be able to find a shade that will match or complement your specific column style and design.

Construction adhesive/glue can be a critical factor in column installation. Our glues are specifically chosen for their strength and quick drying time. Using Great Stuff Pro Adhesive or PL Premium 3X glue will provide that durable, long lasting hold that will make your column a truly professional touch in your designs. And since DIY projects often have time constraints, you can’t always wait hours upon hours for everything to set fully, their fast drying time allows you to easily get your project done in an afternoon instead of having to wait.

Make sure your new columns look great and last for years by using the right caulk, glue and touch up paint as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about what product is right for your specific column installation, more info can be found in the “Needed for Install” tab on the product pages or our helpful Customer Service Representative can be reached Monday through Friday from 9am to 5p ET at 1 (800) 651-4223.