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These come as 1 molded piece and are designed to slide over a column or a post.

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Post sleeves save time and money while making designs pop. Remodeling your home and looking for an easy way to spruce things up? Building a new deck or porch but want more visual impact than boring, standard posts? Fixing your fence line and want more curb appeal than a plain wood post? Stone and brick veneer post sleeves might be just what you're looking for.

Molded from high-density polyurethane, the sleeves consist of a single piece with a hollow center that easily slides over posts. The incredibly straightforward installation makes them a hit with everyone from professionals looking for a quicker turnaround to DIYers looking to maximize impact without complications. The molding process gives these sleeves the impression of real stone masonry that will fool everyone.

Most popularly used outdoors, they're made to withstand the elements beautifully. resistant to fading, chipping, cracking, flaking, moisture and more; once your posts are finished you won't need any maintenance to keep them looking great for years. For interior designs, they're the perfect way to add the look of traditional masonry without the undue stress and weight of heavy stones and bricks.

Stone and brick veneer post sleeves are an amazing addition to any remodel or renovation. Affordable, quick and easy to install, no maintenance and gives your designs that professional touch which will look beautiful for years to come.