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Comes in interlocking pieces to easily wrap around an existing column or a post.

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Column wraps make remodeling and updating existing posts or structures an incredibly easy task. Bringing a touch of simulated stone or rock to an interior or exterior design can take visual appeal fro "so-so" to "eye-catching". Whether you're a professional installer or looking to spruce up your home for the first time, column wraps might be just what you need to create a great look with ease.

With seamlessly interlocking sections, these easy to install wraps can be placed around existing posts and porch columns and finished off with glue and screws. Spruce up an unsightly load bearing column, clad porch posts that need a new look or enhance an entranceway without needing to remove and reinstall any structural posts.

The wraps are designed to have the appearance and texture of real stone but at a fraction of the weight. Whether you're a pro builder of a DIYer, you'll be impressed by the look and how simple the lightweight pieces are to lift, place and install as compared to the real thing. They are also resistant to fading, chipping, cracking, splitting and deterioration that can plague conventional stone masonry.

Don't worry about upkeep either. Simulated stone column wraps are weather resistant, moisture resistant and UV resistant to stand up to the elements superbly. With so many styles and color options to choose from, we're certain you'll find the right one for your needs.