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Touching up your faux columns™ is a great way to fix minor scruffs or scrapes from installation, to cover exposed material caused by custom cuts or alterations, and to hide any accidental damage.

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Touch Up Paint kits are a useful accessory to order along with your faux column designs. While all of our columns are designed to withstand the elements and stay looking great for years, sometimes the accidental scrap or scuff happens. Occasionally you may need to make a custom cut during installation that will need covering up.

Through the use of the touch up kits, you get all the colors you will need to fix up and upkeep your specific column design. Your design plans should stay looking as great as they did when you first envisioned them.

Paint kits are available for our Wellington, Carlton, Norwich, and Windsor column lines as a specific color or blend of colors meant to match or complement the finish. Your column designs should stay looking as great as you intended and no accidental scuff or scratch should get in the way.