Find Everything You Need at Our Online Store

Our Faux Columns is an online only store. Everything we offer is factory direct without any middleman. We do this to help cut costs and pass the savings on to you.

While visiting our site, we recommend ordering a few samples of the designs and styles that you like prior to purchasing your columns, covers and post wraps. This way you'll get to see a piece of the real thing and know whether it works right for you. Samples are fully rebatable with future purchase. If you need help on how to purchase our samples and columns, follow these simple steps below.

Everything you need can be found in our online store.

1.) Welcome to! To start finding the column that is right for you, check out the column lines and styles found on the left side of the website. Click through a few to get an idea of what would best suit your needs.

Click through our online store and visit the samples page.

2.) Visit the Samples Page to order real cut pieces from our columns, wraps, covers and sleeves. Whether you order one sample or ten, you'll receive a rebate coupon in the box for the price of samples that you can use on your next order.

Samples will ship as quickly as possible.

3.) Samples will be delivered as soon as possible. We normally have them out within 1-5 business days.

Once you have your samples, it's time to choose your favorite!

4.) Contrast and Compare. Take a look at your column samples and figure out what you like best. What you see is what you'll get so there won't be any surprises when you place an order.

Placing an order at our online store is an easy process.

5.) Place your order. Now that you know which column style and color will work best for you, come and place an order for full thing. With only a few clicks, your columns will be added to our shopping cart, purchased and on their way to you soon.

Builders, handymen and first time DIY-ers are all amazed how easy they are to install.

6.) Install your columns. Once you've received your columns, it's time to add them to your home or business. Make sure to follow our installation instructions for the specific column line you ordered. We've done our best to make sure they are very DIY-friendly and easy to follow.

Time to sit back, admire and snap a few pictures.

7.) And now you're finished! Column installation is simple and easy. Once your columns are cladding your porch or deck, flanking or driveway, or serving as an eye-catching mailbox, snap a photo and send us some of the best shots. We love customer photos and they may even wind up in our photo gallery.

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